Two Moroccan Military Aircraft Carrying Humanitarian Aid for Palestinian Arrive at El Arich Airport

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El Arich (Egypt), – Two Moroccan military aircraft carrying emergency humanitarian aid for Palestinian populations arrived, on Wednesday morning (25/10/2023), at El Arich airport (Eastern Egypt). This humanitarian initiative comes in accordance with the High Instructions of HM King Mohammed VI, Chairman of the Al-Quds Committee, aimed at delivering emergency humanitarian aid to the Palestinians.

The two aircraft, whose cargo will be transported to the Gaza Strip via the Rafah land border crossing, are carrying large quantities of food, medical products and water. The operation to receive this aid at El Arich airport was supervised by the Kingdom’s Ambassador in Cairo and its permanent delegate to the Arab League, Ahmad Tazi, as well as members of the Moroccan embassy.

In a statement to Moroccan Associate Press (MAP), Tazi said that these aids bear witness to HM the King’s constant commitment to the Palestinian cause, noting that all the departments concerned have been mobilized to speed up the implementation of this operation and the delivery of these aids to the Palestinians, in accordance with HM the King’s High Instructions.

This humanitarian aid will be handed over to the Egyptian Red Crescent, which will take charge of transporting it to the Palestinian territories in coordination with the relevant Palestinian authorities, he added, pointing out that this operation is being carried out in accordance with arrangements coordinated with the Egyptian authorities, given the security conditions surrounding the Rafah crossing.

Source: Moroccan Embassy in Jakarta


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